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A la escuela! Back to School! A Guide to Getting Ready(-ish)

As a mom of three, the countdown to return to school is always bittersweet. Growing up, we marked the end of summer vacation with one final road trip to be with extended family (grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles), and a rush to stuff backpacks, pick out personalized supplies, and secure the perfect outfit. In the midst of COVID-19, things may seem all but normal. But we have put together a few tasks for your to-do list that will get your family digital learning ready and still preserve these precious moments!

  • Create a schedule with your child and make a commitment to stick with it. Structure and routine can greatly help your child from falling behind with assignments. Discuss your family’s schedule and identify the best times for learning and instruction, as well as family-oriented physical activity, such as walks outside. A family calendar or other visuals could be useful for keeping track of deadlines and assignments.

  • Meal Planning + Prep. Create a weekly menu that includes a well-balanced diet (don't forget to include snacks and lunch!) By planning meals, it can also help populate your grocery list and reduce time needed in the store. Do your grocery shopping at the start of the week so you are meal ready!

  • Supplies, Supplies, Supplies! Be sure to stock up on plenty of paper and pencil. Additionally, access to reliable internet and computer/ or tablet are paramount to meeting digital learning assignments. Having a designated area to store school supplies and assignments is also a good way to keep organized.

  • Take First Day of School Photos! While students may not be entering the physical school building at the start of the year, this is still a big occasion for them. Mark the transition to the new school year with a smile and a photo!

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